Special feature

Investing for a climate-resilient Canada

We are working with municipalities, non-profits, research groups, investors and all orders of government to mobilize private capital and build more climate-resilient communities.

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An investment solution for climate-adapted infrastructure

We are working to develop new financial models that are needed to accelerate the development of climate-resilient infrastructure in Canada. Through this work, we’re aiming to unlock the scale and scope of private investment that will be required to protect Canadians, our economy and our environment from the growing systemic risks on our horizon.

We’re developing innovative financial models to build a case for private investors looking to enter the market of climate adaptation infrastructure.

We are convening a whole-of-society approach; working with dozens of municipalities in collaboration with ICLEI Canada, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, and more, to develop financial models and partnerships that will boost participation from the private sector, bringing both capital and expertise to build systems-level infrastructure to protect communities against increasing physical climate risk.

Rebuilding with resilience in Lytton, BC

In 2023, we embarked on a resilience investment in Lytton, BC, which was devastated by a catastrophic wildfire in 2021. Our investment will help homeowners rebuild in ways that are wildfire resilient and net zero.

Working in close collaboration with PacifiCan, the Village of Lytton, and Beem Credit Union, Co-operators committed up to $5 million in financing to help enable homeowners to take advantage of this program. Importantly, this will help finance community resilience in a way that would provide a return on investment and bolster the business case for investing in resilience.

“The Village of Lytton is thankful for the Co-operators Financing Program, which will support climate resiliency as Lytton rebuilds. A strong example of collaboration, this program will enable Lytton residents to rebuild fire-resilient and net-zero homes.”

Denise O’Connor
Mayor of Lytton

Financing Resilient Infrastructure Project with ICLEI Canada

Despite the strong economic case for investing in climate adaptation, public funds are limited. We are currently working in partnership with ICLEI Canada and 10 Canadian municipalities to develop resilient infrastructure project profiles that private investors could help realize.