Our long-term goals

Oriented to a better future

Our long-term goals guide us along our journey to fulfill our purpose, and keep us oriented to a sustainable, resilient future.

Our 2030 enterprise goals

By 2030, Canadians and our communities are:

Financially secure

We have contributed to increasing financial security in Canada and among our members and clients.

Resilient against risks

We have helped make Canada more resilient and less vulnerable to risk.

Sustainably and inclusively prosperous

We have helped build inclusive and sustainable prosperity for Canadians and Canadian communities.

Find out more about our long-term goals (pdf)

A journey to embed sustainability

Through our strategic plan, our long-term goals, and our purpose, vision and values, we are working to embed principles of sustainability across our co‑operative.

photo of Vice President of Sustainability and Citizenship, Vice President of Enterprise Strategy and Planning

“There is an integral and a direct relationship between our purpose and sustainability”

Chad Park (pictured left)
Vice President of Sustainability and Citizenship
Selena Edick (pictured right)
Vice President of Enterprise Strategy and Planning

Read more about how we're embedding sustainability (pdf)

Connected to a global movement

We’ve linked our strategic priorities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), a collective global effort to protect the environmental, social and financial well-being of current and future generations.

In alignment with the SDGs, we’ve developed a framework for how we contribute as an insurer, investor, business and co-operative, maximizing our impact how and where we can, while working to make a meaningful contribution to communities within Canada and globally.

Sustainable Development Goals (pdf)