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Building a resilient future

Letters to Stakeholders

Robert Wesseling

For the complex challenges we face today, we are poised to develop co-operative solutions. Through collaborative action, we can build a more sustainable, resilient world.

Robert Wesseling
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Co‑operators Group Limited
John Harvie

Our definition of success will be marked by our lasting ability to meet the evolving needs of our members, our clients and our communities for the next 75 years and beyond.

John Harvie
Chairperson, Board of Directors, The Co‑operators Group Limited

Our Strategy: A bridge to the future

The needs of our members and clients are quickly evolving in a world of persistent change, volatility and uncertainty, and the pandemic has only added complexity and accelerated the time horizon of change. Our 2019 to 2022 strategy was developed with rapid change in mind, to navigate significant challenges in our midst. If successful, it will be the bridge that carries us forward, providing a smooth transition to a more sustainable, resilient future.

Creating value together

We provide solutions to meet the evolving needs of our members, clients and communities. Over time, these solutions lead to positive impacts and outcomes that improve both short-term and long-term financial security, sustainability and community resilience.

Our clients, members and communities provide us with the money, insights, partnerships and resources we require to operate our business and develop products, services and solutions to meet their needs.


We provide financial solutions and advice, pay claims to protect our clients’ financial security, invest in our communities, and provide financial, environmental and social value for our stakeholders.

Outcomes and impacts

The relationships we forge with members and clients, the products and services we develop, and the ways we invest build long-term positive environmental, social and financial impacts and outcomes for our stakeholders and the broader society.

Our world in 2020

The value we create for our members, clients and communities is closely connected to the social, environmental and financial dynamics of our time. As the world undergoes rapid change, we are poised to anticipate, respond, and adapt to emerging issues and trends in order to stay relevant and effective.