How we create value

The path to success isn’t a straight line. It’s a circle.

The investments, insurance solutions and advice we provide are designed to meet the needs of our members, clients and communities. Over time, our offerings lead to positive impacts and outcomes that improve the financial security, sustainability and resilience of our key stakeholders and our communities. In turn, this strengthens our co-operative so we can continue the cycle.

The people we serve

Our key stakeholders are our clients, members, community partners, employees, and financial advisors. These are the people for whom we create value. These groups overlap and interact in relationship.


Our stakeholders provide key insights, financial capital, partnerships and resources required to develop products, services and solutions to meet their needs.


We offer advice and solutions that build financial security and community resilience.


Our relationships, products, investments and operations lead to positive outcomes for the people we serve.


In pursuit of our vision to be a catalyst for resilient, sustainable society, we strive to create positive environmental, social and financial impacts.

We’re recognized as a global leader in sustainability

In 2023 we were recognized as the top insurance company globally, the top financial institution in Canada, and second best financial institution globally by Corporate Knights in their ranking of most sustainable businesses.