Investing and asset management

As an investor and asset manager, we catalyze sustainability

Through our investments and asset management practices, we can help shift the economy toward one that supports sustainable, resilient communities. With more than $12 billion in invested assets, we are ramping up investments in companies, initiatives and projects that provide solutions to the most pressing challenges we face, and engaging others to join us. Transforming our economy is a colossal task, but we are committed to aligning our investments with our purpose and long-term goals.

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Helping organizations invest for financial security

As an asset manager, we support a wide range of Canadian businesses and organizations in investing their capital in ways that create financial strength for their pension-holders, shareholders and plan members.

Through Addenda, we offer investors sustainable investing strategies that aim to foster positive social and environmental changes and accelerate toward a cleaner future.

$37.0 billion

in institutional assets under management

We invest today for a sustainable future

The transition to a sustainable economy will take significant effort and substantial investment. The good news: there's no shortage of available capital to do so, and Co-operators is committed to leveraging our invested assets to support the necessary transition to a sustainable future.

Our investing approach seeks to proactively support activity and organizations that will ultimately make our communities more resilient, sustainable places to live.

As a co-operative, our investment strategy focuses on investments that generate strong financial returns alongside positive environmental, social and economic benefits. We’ve committed that 60% of our assets will be invested in impact or climate transition investments by 2030.

$5.90 billion

invested in impact and climate transition investments


Total impact and climate transition investments

Impact investments by theme

Health and wellness 1.6% Education 1.2% Food, agriculture and natural resources 0.9% Climate change 76.2% Community development 20.1%

Net-zero investment performance

Our invested assets are a significant lever we can use to catalyze climate action for a net zero future. By 2025, our goal is to reduce the financed emissions intensity of our investments by 25% from 2020 levels (for public equities and publicly-traded bond portfolios). By no later than 2050, our goal is for our entire investment portfolio to be net zero.

Financed emissions intensity of Co-operators public equity and publicly-traded bond portfolios*

Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent/$1 million invested 2019 2021 2022 2023 2020 Baseline 58.5 44.8 50.4 51.3 47.8

*Results for 2020 to 2022 have been restated.

We need to be stewards of the climate transition

Through Addenda Capital, our investment stewardship involves a spectrum of practices that catalyze progress on the climate transition and other environmental, social and governance issues, such as biodiversity, human rights, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Photo of Andrea Moffat

“We want companies to develop successful climate transition plans, disclose emission reductions and demonstrate performance zimprovements, so they are resilient and contributing to a sustainable economy.”

Andrea Moffat
Senior Director of Investment Stewardship Addenda Capital

We advocate for sustainable finance

We're focused on advocating for policies, practices and frameworks that will accelerate sustainable finance.

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Special feature

Investing for a climate-resilient Canada

We are working with municipalities, non-profits, research groups, investors and all orders of government to mobilize private capital and build more climate-resilient communities.

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