Living our co‑operative identity

As a co‑operative, we’re strengthened by communities

The roots of our co‑operative extend deep into the soils of community. It’s where we started and it’s where we continue to thrive today — in the relationships and partnerships we forge in pursuit of our purpose and a common goal of improving the lives and the financial, social and environmental resilience of Canadians.

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Serving our members and co‑operative clients

As a co‑operative, we’re governed by member organizations — a group of 46 co‑operatives, credit union centrals and representative farm organizations across Canada. We work to provide benefits for each one of them and their members, clients and communities. Through the principle of co‑operation amongst co‑operatives, and the range of products and services we offer, we strive to strengthen a sector working to build a better, more sustainable future for all Canadians.

Through our Member Benefits Program, we provide unique benefits to our members’ members, offering access to personalized insurance coverage and savings to households across Canada.

178,086 households

Member Benefits Program

“Our role as a community-based co‑operative healthcare clinic is significantly supported by the Co‑operators Member Benefits Program. This program provides critical value to our organization by maintaining enticing benefits that help us attract and retain our members, so our co‑operative can thrive and continue to support and meet the needs of our community.”

Dawn Martin
Executive Director, Regina Community Clinic

Financial Advisors supporting communities

Co‑operators Financial Advisors are on the front lines bringing our purpose, vision and values to life in communities across Canada. Through the Advisor Community Fund (ACF), our Financial Advisors receive additional funding support from Co‑operators to amplify the impact of their local donations. In 2023, the ACF reached its highest level of support since inception, with a total of $1.2 million delivered to local community organizations.

In 2023, among the 133 advisors who participated in the ACF program, a group of seven advisors from the Grey-Bruce region of Ontario teamed up to pool resources to support a groundbreaking mental health, recovery and wellness facility in Owen Sound. Through their own contributions and working with their communities, they raised a total of $106,000 toward the effort.

photo of Jason Legge (Owen Sound), Ryan Enright (Hanover and Durham), Jennifer Cook (Kincardine), Dean Ribey (Walkerton), Peter Morgan (Meaford)

“By financially supporting the build of a world-class mental health facility, individuals who need help will receive the treatment they need right where they live. Through this work, our communities can become more resilient, and we can help vulnerable people in our community thrive.”

Dean Ribey
Financial Advisor, Walkerton, ON

Pictured (L- R): Jason Legge (Owen Sound), Ryan Enright (Hanover and Durham), Jennifer Cook (Kincardine), Dean Ribey (Walkerton), Peter Morgan (Meaford)

Absent: Jocelyn Robbins (Port Elgin) and Derek Young (Wiarton).

Special feature

Ecosystems of social impact

The collective effort to build sustainable, resilient communities is strengthened by collaborative, grassroots action. Like ecosystems, community resilience thrives amidst a diversity of activities, where co‑benefits overlap and intersect, moving us toward an inclusive economy that values the social wellness of our people, strengthens the resilience of our environment, and champions a co‑operative society.

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