Inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility

We’re on a journey to cultivate a more inclusive work culture

Inclusive. Diverse. Equitable. Accessible. Building an (IDEA) workplace culture is essential to our success, and our IDEA Strategy is designed to actively embrace the diversity of our people, in a way that supports our co-operative values and purpose.

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IDEA Strategic Goals

Strengthen and enhance an inclusive workplace culture.

Clarify and strengthen leadership expectations and accountability.

Increase psychological safety for all employees.

Strengthen the connection between an inclusive workplace and authentic stakeholder engagement.


2021 IDEA Index

As part of our Employee Engagement Survey, we introduced the IDEA Index that measures employee engagement and feelings of inclusion across different dimensions of diversity.

Champions of diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility.

To support a grassroots implementation of IDEA in the workplace, we introduced an influencer group of people leaders and other employees who provide input, perspectives and insights as we progress along our journey.

2021 IDEA

Index overall score

image/svg+xml Engagement 0% 100% We have a work environment that is accepting of diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking I feel this organizationvalues diversity 88% Entireorganization 81% 94% 84% Persons withdisability Indigenous people Racialized persons 73% Non- binary 64% Non- binary 88% Entire organization 79% Persons with disability 94% Indigenous people 82% Racialized persons


Assessing feelings of inclusion

In 2021, we established a baseline for employee feelings on inclusion based on two key questions. Data was gathered along four dimensions of diversity.

“My vision is for an equitable environment where people can be their authentic selves, are aware of their biases, and know how to be allies.”

Shelora Lopez, Claims Supervisor, Co-operators
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