Future of work

We’re reimagining how we work

The pandemic changed how we work and how we think about the workplace and the culture it fosters. We’re building on the opportunities presented by this pivotal moment to become more flexible, collaborative, and inclusive in the ways we work.

See how we’re embracing the Future of Work (pdf)

“The future of work creates spaces and supports that help our people do their best work in a way that aligns with their sense of purpose.
The pandemic accelerated a shift away from traditional ways of working. By embracing flexibility, we can work smarter, not harder.”

Laura Mably, Chief Human Resources Officer

A flexible approach to where we work

Workplaces are environments where culture can thrive, where employees can socialize and connect, and where we all deepen our commitment to the work we do. Fostering a positive, resilient and high-performing workplace culture — across remote-based, hybrid and office-based spaces — is one of our top priorities.

Since mid-March of 2020, roughly 90% of our workforce maintained a remote-work posture. In 2022 and beyond,
we will embrace multiple work models to accurately align with the work being done. The majority of our employees will have the opportunity to split their time between in-office and remote settings.