Engaging and supporting our people

We believe the workplace can be an enriching environment

Ensuring the health, well-being and enrichment of our people will help to foster a resilient, inclusive and high-performing workforce culture. We provide our people and their loved ones with access to tools, training, resources and information to help them thrive.

See how we’re supporting and engaging our people (pdf)

Providing pathways to positive mental health

The pandemic proved to be a trying time for many people, both at home and at work. The programs and resources offered to Co-operators employees include virtual fitness sessions, employee assistance programs for everyday life and in times of crisis, up to $5,000 per beneficiary per year toward mental-health practitioners, $750 per employee in personal- and health-care spending accounts, and much more.

Supporting our people through lifelong learning

We prioritize learning and development, ensuring that employees have opportunities to expand their capacity and broaden their perspectives to enhance their overall well-being.

Average investment in employee training and development


We are focused on engaging and supporting our people

Our co-operative is strong because of our people, who are connected with what’s taking place in the world around us. Ensuring that we can support the resilience of our people, not only as employees but as members of the community, is paramount.

Best Employer in Canada

We were named a Best Employer in Canada by Kincentric for the 18th time.

Overall Employee Engagement Score 80%

2021 survey dimensions that scored highest

Diversity and inclusion: 88%
Manager support: 87%

2021 survey dimensions that scored lowest

Talent and staffing: 60%
Rewards and recognition: 60%

“This past year has taught me the importance of setting boundaries, disconnecting and being accountable for my well-being. It gives me the clarity and focus needed to show up every day as my best self for my team and my family.”