Enriching our workforce

Our people are our greatest strength. They engage with our clients in communities from coast to coast to coast, and deliver on our strategy. As rapid changes reshape the future of work, we can seize opportunities to improve our workplace and work processes. We can adapt traditional business models to meet changing needs. To be successful, we must foster a diverse, inclusive workplace that supports all of our people and attracts, retains and develops top talent from across Canada.

Strategic Performance Indicators

The following metrics are key indicators used to measure our strategic performance


Representation of women in senior-leadership

2019: 26%
2018: 25% (corrected from 27%)

Target: 35% by the end of 2022
Status: Below expectations

Description: The proportion of women in senior leadership positions at the vice presdient level or above.

Aggregate Employee Engagement Score (2019)*


2018: 78%

Target: Maintain 80% or better each year
Status: Not measured in 2020

An engaged workforce reinforces our organization’s strength and stability, fosters innovation, and reflects that our work culture is meeting employee needs and providing a productive, healthy and stimulating work environment.

*See Pulse Survey results in 2020 Highlights.

Mental Health Index (2019)*


2018: 78%

How our employees view our commitment to mental health and how well we deliver on this commitment through our practices.

*See Pulse Survey results in 2020 Highlights.

Financial Advisor Satisfaction Index (2019)


Target: Maintain 70% or better each year
Status: Not measured in 2020

The satisfaction of our Financial Advisors is an important measurement of our ability to respond to challenges and provide support and solutions to help them meet the needs of their clients.


2018: 94%
2017: 91%

Target: 100% each year
Status: Not measured in 2020

This measures the integration of sustainability and co-operative principles throughout our organization.