Exploring possibilities through innovation

The Co-operators was founded on an innovative idea of creating a cooperative insurance solution that would provide financial security for Canadians in challenging times. Today, we have reaffirmed our innovative beginnings through our strategy, with the intention of experimenting with and developing new and emerging business models.

Innovative solutions for a changing world

As things change and needs emerge, our business must be nimble and ready to adapt. To ensure we stay relevant and effective in a rapidly changing economy, we launched Duuo in 2018, a digital, on-demand insurance platform, which currently offers six products that meet the needs of Canadians in a world of transformation.

Designing new products for a changing economy

Canadians living, working and experimenting on the leading edge of emerging economies – from the sharing economy to the gig economy – are breaking new ground and opening up new opportunities for prosperity. In this new territory, there are also emerging sets of unmet needs when it comes to financial security and peace of mind. Through our rapid development of online, easy-to-access episodic and subscription insurance products, we are innovating alongside the pace of change to provide financial security for pioneers of the digital economy.

Short-Term Rental Insurance
Specialized, on-demand insurance for people who rent out their properties through platforms like Airbnb®, HomeAway® and VRBO®.

Rent-my-Stuff Insurance
Insurance coverage for risks that are incurred when an individual rents their belongings to others.

Gig Insurance
A low-premium, episodic liability insurance product designed to uniquely match the task and duration of service for which the gig worker was hired. This provides peace of mind to both the worker and the business or person hiring their service, thereby facilitating this type of commercial exchange and general economic activity.

Event Insurance Online
On-demand insurance – which can be purchased in minutes – to cover an event host’s liability in case of accidents, benefitting hosts and venue owners alike.

Vendor Insurance
Insurance coverage for exhibitors and vendors at events such as farmers’ markets and trade shows.

Tenant Insurance
Dynamically rated insurance coverage for people who lease residential premises, providing peace of mind to both the lessee and lessor.

Catalyzing innovation through our Corporate Venture Capital fund

We developed a Corporate Venture Capital fund to facilitate more innovative partnerships that can develop solutions to challenges we face as an organization and as a society. Through this fund, we leverage our capital to partner with start-ups on the leading edge of new technology and innovations that will help meet the changing needs and preferences of our clients.

Since 2019, we have invested in:

  • Slice Labs Inc., a leading US InsurTech that develops technology solutions for on-demand, episodic insurance products. In partnership with Slice, Duuo’s products and API roadmap are leading edge in the exploration of the emerging model of embedded insurance solutions.
  • BlueDot, a Toronto-based HealthTech company that tracks and predicts the spread of infectious disease globally. BlueDot was among the first to identify the COVID-19 outbreak and to advise its clients including the WHO and national and regional governments on pandemic response strategy.
  • Portag3, a FinTech fund with with a mission to invest, develop, and empower creative, ambitious and visionary entrepreneurs who have the potential to reshape financial services.

Detecting COVID-19 before the world knew its name

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic emerged at the end of 2019, The Co-operators considered the spread of infectious disease and the risk of global pandemics as a significant threat to the health, well-being and financial security of Canadians. In August 2019, we co-led a $7 million USD Series A investment round with BlueDot, a digital-health company that uses big-data analytics to track and anticipate the spread of the world’s most dangerous infectious diseases.

In early 2020, BlueDot made world headlines, as being among the first in the world to identify the emerging risk from COVID-19 in Hubei province, immediately alerting its clients of an impending threat with its robust technological platform. BlueDot also published the world’s first peer reviewed scientific study on the spread of COVID-19, which accurately predicted eight of the first 10 cities to import the novel coronavirus through commercial air travel.


Our world is rapidly changing, and as a consequence outbreaks that threaten human health, security, and prosperity are appearing with greater frequency and magnitude. Our products empower our clients with timely, contextualized insights that strengthen their resilience against dangerous infectious disease threats.

Dr. Kamran Khan BlueDot Founder and CEO