Investing in our communities

Our co-operative identity compels us to invest in our communities, advocate for and enhance financial inclusion, and contribute to improved mental health and environmental prosperity. Through this work, we support community resilience, and in turn, secure a sustainable future in the face of uncertainty.

$17.4 million in community investments for pandemic relief and recovery

In 2020, The Co-operators provided funding for Canadian youth and marginalized communities, as many struggled with mental health issues and financial insecurity related to COVID-19. These contributions were in addition to our ongoing annual support through a variety of partnerships to improve community well-being.

Prioritizing community support as an Imagine Canada Caring Company

In 2020, to support vulnerable and marginalized Canadians through the impacts of the pandemic, we contributed $22.3 million in community investments across three foundational themes: social wellness, environmental prosperity, and financial security. This represents 5.3 per cent of our pre-tax profit, which far exceeds the one per cent Imagine Canada benchmark.

Co-operators Community Funds – $2 million Pathways to Employability Initiative

In recognition of The Co-operators 75th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of Co-operators Community Funds, $2 million was dedicated to launching the Pathways to Employability Initiative to support marginalized Canadian youth who have lost jobs or educational opportunities due to COVID-19 shutdowns.


Collaborative partnerships have been critical to design rapid-response approaches to youth workforce development during this current economic crisis. Our commitment to co-creating opportunities for youth closely mirrors the co-operative mindset of resilience and community well-being.

Gladys Ahovi Executive Lead, Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity

Informing Canadians of the overwhelming lack of flood-risk awareness

Through Partners for Action Network (P4A) we continued to inform Canadians about the changing nature of flood risk and equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to prepare, adapt and build their personal and community flood resilience. In 2020, P4A issued a report titled Canadian Voices on Flood Risk 2020, which found:

Read the full Canadian Voices on Flood Risk 2020 report on the University of Waterloo’s website at