Advocating for a sustainable, low-emissions economy

Our co-operative identity compels us to invest in our communities, advocate for and enhance financial inclusion, and contribute to improved mental health and environmental prosperity. Through this work, we support community resilience, and in turn, secure a sustainable future in the face of uncertainty.


As an industry, we have an opportunity to work together to assess the complex risks posed by climate change, and protect the financial security of current and future generations. Through co-operation, we can build a critical mass of like-minded companies, and shift the economy in a meaningful way towards climate resilience.

Chad Park Vice-President, Sustainability & Citizenship

Achieving carbon neutral equivalency in 2020

In 2020, we achieved our target of becoming carbon neutral equivalent. When the target was set in 2010, we initially focused on lowering our emissions in several operational areas, including office space consolidation and improved efficiency, as well as reducing the number of vehicles in our fleet and choosing hybrid models. We purchased renewable-energy certificates (through Bullfrog Power®), and have achieved additional reductions through innovative initiatives, including our Financial Advisor Carbon Neutrality program, and our partnership with Compugen’s CarbonBank™ program. We shifted to remote work environments in 2020, and adapted to virtual meetings as we eliminated non-essential air travel to ensure safety. Committed to this positive environmental trend going forward, we will continue to leverage virtual-meeting capabilities and less carbon-intensive modes of interaction. While in 2020 we saw a reduction in operational emissions, there were also emissions outside of our scope as we are not able to track emissions resulting from work from home activities.

Restatements of previously reported historical emissions data result primarily from updates to provincial emission factors. For more on how we calculate our carbon footprint, see our Supplementary Disclosures at

chart regarding Achieving carbon neutral equivalency, 25,353 - 2010 Baseline, 17,257, 10,087 - 2015, 7,798, 0 - 2020
blue circle

Carbon emissions before offsets (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent)

black circle

Carbon emissions after offsets (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent)