Engaging our clients online

We’ve focused our digital transformation on delivering a seamless experience for our clients as well as our Financial Advisors and other client-facing staff. Driving this work forward is our desire to provide a market-leading experience aligned to the financial services industry through a highly personalized, guided experience that helps build our clients’ resilience – both in terms of financial management and protection – in innovative and dynamic ways that differentiate us in the market.


To continue leading the industry in client engagement, we are embarking on a journey to deliver best-in-class digital experiences.

Emmie Fukuchi EVP and Chief Digital and Marketing Officer,
The Co-operators.

Bringing peace of mind in difficult times

The benefits of insurance are made real when we deliver on the claims promise at the heart of our client relationship. When our clients’ financial security and wellness are threatened by events covered by their policies, we are there to pay claims and benefits that provide peace of mind so they can focus on taking care of what matters most.

Claims and benefits in 2020

Total amount paid in claims and benefits to clients in 2020

$2.04 billion

2019: $2.15 billion
2018: $2.12 billion


Claims/benefits paid by type

  • Property damage (42%)
  • Collision repairs (24%)
  • Injuries (16%)
  • Death and disability (10%)
  • Other (5%)
  • Medical and dental (3%)

What causes property damage?

  • Fire (36%)
  • Water (28%)
  • Wind/hail/ice (17%)
  • Theft /vandalism (10%)
  • Other (9%)

Climate change and the new normal of catastrophic events

Canadian communities and businesses are increasingly impacted by climate change. Over the last decade, trends in major event claims resulting from flooding, wildfires and extreme weather events show a marked increase in both frequency and severity. In 2020, we recorded $216.6 million in total insured losses resulting from major events and other significant disasters.

2020 major event claims performance

Major event total insured losses

$216.6 million

2019: $111.5 million
2018: $179.5 million

The total insured losses associated with major events, which include both extreme weather events and other significant events, such as earthquakes and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Major event insured losses due to extreme weather


2019: 99.6%

The proportion of major event insured losses due to extreme weather, including heavy and/or frequent rainfall, ice, hail, wind, flooding and wildfires.

Hailstorm (June 13, 2020)

Area of most significant impacts: Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding area

Total insured losses:

$73.3 million

Flood (April 26, 2020)

Area of most significant impacts: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Total insured losses:

$53.5 million

Wind/Rain event (November 15, 2020)

Area of most significant impacts: Greater Toronto Area

Total insured losses:

$14.1 million

Helping clients build household resiliency

Through eAlerts and eReminders, we inform clients in advance of extreme weather events and other seasonal weather patterns that may put their property or safety at risk. In 2020, we sent over 404,000 eAlerts and eReminders to clients across Canada. These messages contain information on how best to prepare and protect their belongings to mitigate losses and stay safe.