Advice and solutions for Canadians

Our client engagement strategy is grounded in the products, services and solutions we offer, which are designed to meet Canadians’ changing needs, and help them prepare and plan for their long-term financial security and well-being.

2020 highlights

Flood protection for a changing world

Floods are increasing in frequency and severity, and The Co-operators Comprehensive Water product is Canada’s first and only flood product to cover overland flooding, storm surge, and storm and sewer backup, even for high risk clients. Using industry-leading flood mapping, we pinpoint flood risk down to the individual household. In 2020, we upgraded our Ontario flood model to include Great Lakes storm surge. To date, 619,285 Canadians households are covered by Comprehensive Water.

A new Co-operators-branded wealth experience

In 2020, we launched Co-operators Financial Investment Services Inc. (CFIS), a Co-operators-branded mutual fund dealer. Through CFIS, Financial Advisors can now provide clients a more comprehensive suite of solutions to achieve their financial goals.

Challenge: Barriers to in-person advice

Life insurance is a product traditionally sold through in-person conversations with clients. Because of physical distancing guidelines, there was a need to shift how and when these conversations took place, moving from the kitchen table to the screen. In addition, restrictions on health checks, including the ability to collect medical samples, capped the coverage amounts of new Life insurance policies at $1 million. All of this limited both our growth and ability to engage clients on the Life insurance side of the business, which had a negative impact on our performance.


I have had some really genuine conversations and been able to help people through very difficult times. These have led to organic discussions around their long-term financial well-being, as we all realize now how quickly things can change.

Richelle Lynk Financial Advisor, Etobicoke, Ontario