Keeping our clients in focus

Our group of companies supports a diversity of clients with unique needs. Whether serving Canadian households, co-operatives, businesses and farm operations, credit unions or investors, we are driven in our mission to provide clients with financial security.

To engage our clients effectively, they must be the focus of our decision-making and solution delivery, and we must continuously work to understand their shifting needs and preferences to stay relevant and competitive in a world of rapid change.

Strategic Performance Indicators

The following metrics are key indicators used to measure our strategic performance

Percentage of households that have signed up for Online Services


2019: 25%

Target: 40% by the end of 2022
Status: Above expectations

Number of Home and Auto transactions completed online

2019: 368,954

Growth in the above metrics demonstrates our effectiveness in maintaining strong client relationships online, and the willingness for clients to put their trust in us within digital spaces.

Total Client households insured

2019: 1,111,757
2018: 1,074,809

The number of client households* shows how our growth trends over time, and the number of Canadians who place their trust in us.

*Includes client households of Co-operators General, Co-operators Life and COSECO for all retail business lines.
Canadians rate us among the top of the industry


Ranked 2nd
The Co-operators score: +30
Industry average: +13


Ranked 2nd

The Co-operators score: +20
Industry average: +11

Target: Achieve a ranking of third or above for both Home and Auto
Status: Achieved

Pollara’s 2020 InsurPoll study ranked The Co-operators second for both Home and Auto among a sample of Canadian insurance clients. For more on this study, view the full report.

Group Benefits

Client Experience Index


2019: 78%

Target: 80% by the end of 2022
Status: On track

How Group Benefits plan sponsors rate us.

Credit Union

Client Experience Index (2019)


Target: 80% by the end of 2022
Status: On track

How credit unions rate us.