2022 performance summary

Our Governance

As a purpose-driven co-operative we aim to meet the current and future needs of our members, clients and communities. How we’re governed guides our purpose and reinforces our co-operative identity, reflecting the values of a vibrant co-operative movement.

Get to know how we’re governed (pdf)

“Our new strategic plan lays out a very clear roadmap that will enable our co-operative to deliver on its purpose over the next four years and beyond.”

Jim Laverick, Director, Co-operators Board of Directors

Spotlight on our governance

46 member organizations


125 delegates nominate and elect our Board of Directors

Sectors represented

image/svg+xml Agriculture (37%) Service (30%) Health (7%) Retail /consumer (7%) Finance (17%) Labour (2%)

22 Directors

36% women on the Board

2021: 36%
2020: 32%
Target: 50% by the end of 2025


We’re democratically governed

As a co-operative, we are governed by a “one member, one vote” democratic principle. Our member delegates and Board of Directors bring diverse insights, perspectives, skills and knowledge to our governance tables. To ensure our ongoing success and relevance in the future, we continuously work to improve our governance structure, processes and practices.

Setting our strategic direction

Our Board of Directors worked alongside senior executives to develop our 2023 to 2026 corporate strategy, ensuring that it positions us for success amid issues and trends in the world around us; that it meets the evolving needs of our members, clients and communities; and that our strategy remains strongly aligned with our co-operative values.

Developing a strategy to further IDEA in governance

We recognize and value the benefits of having a diverse Board of Directors and consider diversity a key driver of our co-operative identity, competitive success and governance strength. We’re committed to embedding IDEA in our governance, addressing the challenges we face, and working to dismantle barriers.

“We have to continue on the journey to understand what the system is and what it has done, then continue to do the work to dismantle it. We have to be comfortable doing the uncomfortable work until we can live in a place where there is equity and individuals can be included in and around all tables. Where diverse voices will not just be listened to, they will be heard and respected.”

Nicole Waldron, Director, Co-operators Board of Directors

Our members make us stronger

We are governed by co-operatives, credit union centrals and representative farm organizations who operate on a co-operative basis. Together, we deliver broad benefits to members and clients, and enrich the social fabric of our communities.

See our governance performance (pdf)

“As a member, we have benefited tremendously while learning about the importance of interacting and doing business with like-minded member owned organizations. We’re thrilled to have joined this co-op family.”

Guy Chartier, CEO of Bee Maid Honey Limited