On the Horizon

The success of our previous strategy has laid the groundwork for transformation. We will provide the holistic financial advice Canadians need, meet clients where they want to be served, and continue to invest in a more resilient and sustainable future for our communities.

Discover what’s in our 2023 to 2026 strategy (pdf)


Growing from the past, branching out to the future

Four years ago, we knew significant change was coming to the insurance industry. Today, facing the future, we will continue evolving to be relevant and competitive, while guided by our purpose and values.


Touchstones of our future

We are positioned for success and have identified key elements of success that will keep our momentum up and strengthen our co-operative along the way.


Digital, omni-channel client experience

We will empower clients to move seamlessly between meeting with a Financial Advisor, reaching out over the phone, or engaging in online channels — in whatever way suits them best.

Profitable and holistic growth

To excel in our purpose, we will grow the number of Canadians and communities we serve through our advice-based lines of business to meet the holistic financial needs of our clients.

Business models

We’ll embrace new partnerships and alternative businesses to develop more integrated business models that have been adapted to deliver holistic financial services.

Climate resilience

We will seize opportunities and evolve our products, services, partnerships and investments to help climate-proof our communities. At the same time, we will progress toward our net-zero targets and advocate for climate action in Canada.


We will work to increase our efficiency and effectiveness and establish ways to prioritize work and collaborate more effectively.


We will optimize processes and workforce capabilities to drive high-performance, stay competitive, deliver on our strategy, and fulfill our co-operative purpose.

“I’m inspired by our strategy. As a values-based and purpose-driven organization, we’re uniquely positioned to think long-term, and this allows us to do what’s right for our clients as we drive toward our vision for a resilient and sustainable society.”

Selena Edick, Vice-President, Enterprise Planning and Execution