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Create the Future.

Even the greatest challenges of our time can present opportunities to create a future that is more sustainable, equitable and resilient.

As we continue to navigate a constantly changing world, we have fostered a culture of innovation and adaptability that propels our thinking toward new products and services that meet the needs of our members, clients and communities.

“Innovation is not a strategy or an outcome. It is a process of how you go from creating a problem statement to arriving at a solution.”

Peter Primdahl, Vice-President, Emerging Business Models

We’re bringing tomorrow’s solutions to market, today

Our founders developed a co-operative insurance model that would provide financial security to a group of Canadians with unmet needs. And this same spirit drives our innovative mindset today, as we remain nimble and ready to adapt to the rapid and persistent change in our midst. A prime example is Duuo, our digital, on-demand insurance platform that explores emerging business models and brings leading-edge products to market.

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Duuo products

Short-Term Rental Insurance

Specialized, on-demand insurance for people who rent out their properties through platforms like Airbnb®, HomeAway® and VRBO®.

Rent-my-Stuff Insurance

Insurance coverage for risks that are incurred when an individual rents their belongings to others.

Gig Insurance

A low-premium, episodic liability insurance product designed to uniquely match the task and duration of service for which the gig worker was hired.

Event Insurance

On-demand insurance to cover an event host’s or venue owner’s liability in case of accidents.

Vendor Insurance

Insurance coverage for exhibitors and vendors at events such as farmers’ markets and trade shows.

Tenant Insurance

Dynamically rated insurance coverage for people who lease residential premises, providing peace of mind to both the lessee and lessor.

“Duuo insurance is giving younger vendors and BIPOC communities the opportunity to access new markets by providing affordable coverage for their vending needs.”

Catherine Clark, Executive Director of Farmers’ Markets Ontario

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