Transforming our business

We’re building prosperity for Canadians

Equipped with new mutual fund products and a fast-growing network of licensed Mutual Fund Investment Specialists, we are transforming our business with a goal of becoming the one-stop-shop to meet clients’ financial needs.

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Enhancing our clients’ future success

One of the guiding principles in our wealth expansion journey has been to ensure our products, services and advice would benefit any client, regardless of their level of wealth. We have no account minimums aside from the small minimums required to invest in certain mutual funds, which means all Canadians can invest and access wealth planning and advice, regardless of their current financial status.


Sharpening profitability through underwriting transformation

To ensure that we remain efficient, effective and competitive over the long term, we have embarked on a series of transformations to our underwriting process. As the core function of our business, the underwriting process covers everything from how we identify and analyze risks, to how we secure and manage them within our systems.


We see co-operation as a competitive advantage

As complex and rapid changes continue to disrupt industries and societies, those who collaborate effectively can stay on the leading edge. Strategic partnerships open us up to insights, information and expertise that help us meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

Growing our wealth planning expertise

Proportion of agencies that are actively selling mutual funds



Total wealth-related deposits (retail)

$500.5 million