Brand evolution

Our brand evolution

In transforming our business into a holistic financial-services organization, we needed an identity that matched our investment in the future. A brand that would grow with us.

“Our values remain the same. Who we are and the principles on which we were founded will not change.”

Emmie Fukuchi, Executive Vice-President, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer

Who we are

As a leading financial-services co‑operative, we help all Canadians build their financial strength and security — no matter where they are on their personal path.

Where we’ve been

For more than 75 years, we’ve been helping our clients protect what matters most. In 1945, The Co-operators was founded by a group of farmers, credit union leaders and social pioneers wanting to care for themselves and their communities, at a time when traditional insurers couldn’t meet their needs. Today, with 600‑plus locations across Canada, we remain true to our roots: putting the needs of our clients and our communities first.

Where we’re headed

For the next 75 years and beyond, we want to provide Canadians with the products, solutions and advice they need to feel confident about the future. That means helping them protect what they have today, while preparing them for what comes tomorrow.

Our new brand symbol

Our brand symbol is representative of an oak leaf that reflects the strength of our past, and contains three chevrons — all moving harmoniously forward. That momentum reflects our commitment to supporting Canadians as they work to grow their financial futures.


A new era of financial solutions

In 2021, we unveiled a new retail Co-operators brand to cement our position as a holistic financial services organization providing guidance in all aspects of our clients’ financial security — from investments to insurance to future success planning. For our chief digital and marketing officer, Emmie Fukuchi, the rebrand is the natural extension of our purpose, and a key piece of our competitiveness.