Performance overview


We pursue profit with a social purpose. Enabled by our solid financial foundation and capital position, we have repositioned ourselves in the marketplace as a provider of holistic financial services and advice, designing solutions that move Canadians towards a more resilient, sustainable future.

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2021 Performance snapshot

Expense Ratio for P&C operations

2021:32.4%, 2020:30.6%

Target: at or better than the industry by the end of 2022
Status: below expectations

P&C combined ratio

2021:89.2%, 2020:95.0%

Target: at or below 98% by the end of 2022
Status: above expectations

Retail Wealth sales growth

2021:50.6%, 2020:14.7%

Target: 36.4% compound annual growth rate through 2022
Status: above expectations

Return on members’ equity

2021:14.2%, 2020:10.2%

Target: 8 to 10% each year
Status: exceeded

Return on participating policyholders’ (Par) equity

2021:6.7%, 2020:1.9%

Target: 4.5 to 6.5% each year
Status: exceeded