Impact investing

We invest for positive impact to build prosperity

Impact investments provide compelling financial returns and help de‑risk our economy and communities through investing in cleaner energy systems, resilient infrastructure, affordable housing, mental health supports and more.

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“How money is invested matters. Whether at an institutional or individual level, it signals to businesses the expectation to pay attention to social and environmental performance as a pathway to long term financial success.”

Monika Freyman, Vice President of Sustainable Investing, Addenda Capital

Leading the way on impact investing

Impact investments create both compelling financial returns and positive social and/or environmental impact that can be adequately measured, tracked and reported. We have far exceeded our original target, which aimed to have 20% of our total portfolio invested in impact investments that measurably address the world’s pressing environmental and social issues.

In 2022, we had invested

of our total portfolio

= $2.69 billion

into impact investments.

Our new target

By 2026,


of our total portfolio will be impact investments or those that support the transition to a sustainable, resilient, low-emissions society.

By 2030, we will increase this to


The impact of our investments

Our investments are focused on five impact themes: climate change, community development, health and wellness, education, and food, agriculture and natural resources. In each of these areas, we monitor and report on the impact achieved by the projects and initiatives in which we are active investors. Reflecting the impact of many investors pooling capital to drive positive change, these numbers aren’t the result of Co-operators alone, but depict what’s possible when we work together.

Climate change

86.5 million MWh of renewable energy generated, enough to provide electricity to over 7.5 million homes for one year.

Community development

Invested in credit unions that paid $401.0 million in patronage and dividends to members.

Health and wellness

Invested in projects that provided 1,040 units of non-profit seniors housing.


Invested in post-secondary institutions that conferred 61,042 degrees.

Food, agriculture and natural resources

Invested in companies that conserved over 250,000 m3 of water, enough to fill about 70 Olympic-sized swimming pools.