Impact and sustainable investing

We’re investing in the transition to a sustainable, resilient economy.

There is vast financial opportunity in prioritizing environmental sustainability, social well-being and resiliency. We will secure our long-term financial strength by supporting the transition to sustainability.

Find out how we’re investing for positive impact (pdf)

“Increasingly, companies are engaged in reducing emissions and developing climate solutions. I’m optimistic that by supporting those companies that are sincere about transitioning to net zero, we will have great outcomes.”

Kim Chafee, Vice-President and Co-Head, Canadian Equities, Addenda Capital

A proven track record of impact investing

In 2016, we set a goal to invest 20% of our invested assets in impact investments that measurably address the world’s pressing environmental and social issues.

In 2021, we had invested

of our total portfolio

= $2.64 billion

into impact investments

Our new target

By 2026,


of our total portfolio will be impact investments or those that support the transition to a sustainable, resilient, low-emissions society.

By 2030, we will increase this to


We count on the positive impact of our investments.

Through impact investing, we are helping to secure the long-term financial security and resilience of our co-operative and our stakeholders, as these investments de-risk our economy and our communities through cleaner energy systems, resilient infrastructure, affordable housing, mental health supports and more.

Impact themes

Climate change

237 million MWh of renewable energy generated = over 9 million homes powered for one year.

Community development

Invested in credit unions that paid $357.9 million in patronage and dividends to members.

Health and wellness

Invested in housing projects that provided 518 units of affordable housing.


Invested in post-secondary institutions that conferred 86,675 degrees.

Food, agriculture and natural resources

Invested in companies that purchased $6.97 million of Canadian organic produce

“The opportunity to make selective investments having a positive impact in the world, is highly motivating.”