Community resilience

We partner for community resilience and well‑being.

We believe that environmental resilience, social wellness and an inclusive economy provide the foundation for resilient communities and financial security.

Find out how we build community resilience (pdf)

“My biggest accomplishment at the end of the day is making sure that my people are safe.“

Hunter Edison, Water First Intern

Addressing water challenges in Indigenous communities

Canadian charitable organization Water First Education & Training Inc. works with Indigenous communities through education, training and meaningful collaboration, in an effort to tackle water issues.

Total amount contributed in community investments $8.3 million

Environmental resilience

Our partnerships help communities invest in environmental resilience, build risk literacy, and adapt to climate change.

$500,000 in funding for flood risk awareness, adaptation and planning through the University of Waterloo’s Partners for Action research group.
180 communities across Canada were supported in organizing community-led projects to reduce vulnerability to wildland fire through Wildfire Community Preparedness Day.

Social wellness

We’re committed to investing in the social wellness of our communities.

Youth mental health We became a founding contributor of Kids Help Phone’s Peer Support program, developed to meet the need for a barrier-free, peer-to-peer support service available nationally for youth with 24/7 clinical moderation.
$250,000 to the Foundation of Guelph General Hospital to support the creation of the Co-operators Short Stay Assessment Unit, which increased mental health care capacity by 50% in the community of our corporate headquarters.

Inclusive Economy

We’re committed to building a more inclusive economy by supporting young, marginalized Canadians and people with mental health challenges as they build their financial security.

$757,000 Disbursed to communities through Co‑operators Community Funds (CCF)