Climate action and advocacy

We catalyze action for a sustainable society

By taking action to mitigate climate change and invest in climate resilience, we can help secure a better future.

Find out how we’re catalyzing the transition to a net zero, sustainable future (pdf)

Supporting UN-convened climate action

Co-operators became the first Canadian insurer to join the UN-convened Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance, an international group of institutional investors working to transition investment portfolios to net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner.

Learn more about our advocacy work for a sustainable, net zero economy (pdf)


We’re committed to a net zero future

The global scientific consensus overwhelmingly calls for companies and governments alike to eliminate emissions to avoid catastrophic climate change. At Co-operators, we have mapped our journey to net zero.


Beyond carbon neutral

We became net carbon neutral equivalent in 2020, offsetting 100% of our emissions from 2010 baseline levels. In 2021, we set targets to become net zero in our operations and investments. To demonstrate progress toward these goals, we have set interim targets and milestones that will hold us to account.


Net zero operations by 2040

Interim target: 45% emissions reduction by 2030

This includes both direct emissions (Scope one) and indirect emissions (Scopes two and three), including emissions resulting from corporate offices, Financial Advisor offices, fleet vehicles, and business travel. We will also track emissions from employee commuting and working from home, Information Technology assets and services.

Operational carbon emissions

Net zero investments by 2050

Interim target: 20% emissions reduction of our investments (including public equities and publicly-traded bond portfolios).

By no later than 2050, our entire investment portfolio will be net zero.

2021 financed emissions (carbon footprint) of Co-operators listed equity and corporate bond portfolios

369,645 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent

Learn more about our path to net zero (pdf)

“We all need to be successful in this journey to net zero… the world depends on it.”

Lesley Christodoulou Vice-President, Corporate Finance Services
Read the full interview with our vice-presidents of finance, sustainability, risk and actuarial departments on climate risk (pdf)