Co-operative society

We are champions of a co‑operative society

There is resilience in co-operation. When faced with significant challenges, a strong co-operative sector works together across differences in pursuit of a common goal to build a better future.

Find out how we champion Canada’s co-operative society (pdf)

Bringing benefits to Canadian co-op members

Across Canada, co-operative organizations have been working for generations to support our communities. These co-operatives provide food, housing, goods, services, and financial solutions for Canadians, and protect the rights of Canadian co-operative workers.

Total amount paid to member organizations through our Member Loyalty Program $28.7 million
Supporting co-ops in Canada and globally $1.6 million in contributions for the ongoing development and advancement of the Canadian co-operative sector.

COVID-related support for rural communities in India

We’ve pledged U.S. $200,000 over two years to support low-income communities in India, working in partnership with the Canadian Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation Foundation, and the DHAN Foundation.



Inspiring the next generation of co‑op leaders

As part of our Pathways to Employability initiative of Co-operators Community Funds, we launched the Co-operators Young Leaders Award in 2021. This development and award program recognizes young changemakers from 18 to 35 who are involved in the co-operatives and mutuals sector in Canada.

Meet the 2022 Co‑operators Young Leaders

“As a member of Co-operators, the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation has benefited in many ways that enable us to continue meeting the needs of co-op workers across Canada.”