2021 governance performance summary

Our co-operative governance.

As a purpose-driven co-operative we strive to meet the current and future needs of our members, clients and communities. Our co‑operative governance, through our members and our Board of Directors, keeps us focused on this purpose and aligned to our co‑operative identity.

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“Co-ops in the Arctic share a vision of people working together to improve their social and economic well‑being. Co-operators has supported key initiatives in areas like the environment and mental health, consistent with our shared co-operative principles.”

Rod Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Arctic Co-operatives Ltd.

Governance spotlight

46 member organizations

36% women on the Board

2020: 32%
2019: 32%
Target: 50% by the end of 2025

Member organization sectors represented:

image/svg+xml Agriculture (37%) Service (30%) Health (7%) Retail /consumer (7%) Finance (17%) Labour (2%)

We govern democratically and seek continuous improvement.

As a co-operative, we are governed by a “one member, one vote” democratic principle. Our member delegates and Board of Directors bring diverse insights, perspectives, skills and knowledge to our governance tables.

Our members keep us oriented to our purpose.

We are governed by a group of co-operatives, credit union centrals and representative farm organizations operating on a co-operative basis. Together, we deliver broad benefits to members, clients and communities.

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