Solutions and advice for businesses

We design customized solutions for Canadian organizations.

The nature of business is changing. We’re focused on our clients’ emerging needs so they can focus on what matters.

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Cyber security for Canadian credit unions

We strive to be the credit union advocate for an enhanced cyber-security landscape. We are the only insurer committed to helping credit unions curtail online and mobile banking fraud.

$40 billion in institutional assets under management

Holistic financial solutions for institutional and group clients

The financial security, health and well-being of Canadians are closely connected to the places they work and the economy as a whole. Through the Group Benefits we offer, pensions we manage, and the work we do with investors, we’re strengthening the long-term sustainability and prosperity of the Canadian economy.

$3.1 billion in group wealth assets under management and administration.

Modernized insurance protection and advice

We serve a wide range of businesses and engage with them through many distribution channels. Regardless of how we connect, we’re focused on staying relevant to their uniquely tailored needs.



Risk management innovation for Canadian farmers

Our origins as a co-operative are rooted in our relationship with Canadian farmers. In 2021, we formed a partnership with PrevTech Innovations Inc. and began introducing our farm clients to the benefits of electrical monitoring technology that proactively reduces the risk of operational interruptions or fire within farm structures.

“Our new fire detection unit has warned us of several incidents and allowed us to respond before any real damage could be done. Knowing there is another layer of protection has added extra peace of mind.”