Claims story

We help provide financial security when times get tough.

From how we handle claims and benefits, to customer care, we keep the needs and expectations of our clients at the forefront of our decision making.

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“Increasingly, we are focused on preventing losses before they occur, working in partnership with our members, clients and communities to build resiliency in the face of rapid change.”

Lisa Guglietti, Executive Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer, P&C Manufacturing

Total amount paid to clients in claims and benefits in 2021

$1.89 billion 2020: $2.04 billion
2019: $2.15 billion


Sustainable claims solutions

Following a claim, we supply a list of “green” vendors, contractors and repair shops committed to energy conservation, emissions reduction and more. This ensures that clients have the option of rebuilding with sustainability in mind.

Claims and benefits paid by type to clients in 2021

image/svg+xml Property damage (40%)What causes property damage? Fire (39%) / Water (26%) /Wind,hail,ice (17%) / Theft,vandalism (11%) / Other (7%) Collision repairs (23%)Injuries (17%) Death and disability (11%)Other (5%) Medical and dental (4%)

Shining a light on climate-related risk

As the climate changes, historical trends become less predictive of the future. We use data science and technology to continuously improve how we track, monitor and model climate-related risks. Our new Climatic Hazards and Advanced Risk Modelling (CHARM) platform utilizes a FireWatch tool to provide our insurance teams a view of active wildfires, as well as an interactive map to visualize the outlook of properties that may be exposed. This enables targeted, real-time decisions that include advising nearby clients of their risk.

Climate risk awareness

Total number of Weather Alerts sent to clients across Canada 229,486