Catalyzing sustainability

We help catalyze mindsets of sustainability

Through our advice, products and solutions, we are working to catalyze sustainable decision-making and practices in our industry and in our broader society.

Promoting sustainability and resilience through our insurance products

We offer products, services and discounts that catalyze sustainability in our communities. Our Hybrid and Electric Vehicle discount, our Envirowise™ discount for owners of eligible Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified homes, and our Enviroguard™ coverage, which incentivizes eco-friendly and sustainable repairs or energy-efficient retrofits, all encourage sustainable and resilient decision-making.

Reducing the environmental impact of claims

Construction and demolition waste is one of the largest contributors to municipal solid waste in Canada, and 45% of global carbon emissions are generated through the manufacture of new products. As well, 98% of insurance waste goes to landfills in North America and the overwhelming majority of rebuilds use traditional, emissions-intensive materials. In 2022, we launched two resilient and sustainable claims options for clients.


Instead of ripping out wet drywall dampened by clean water, we bring in high-powered fans to begin the drying process. This prevents mould, drastically lessens disturbance and inconvenience to clients, reduces environmental impact, and saves money.

Soft contents cleaning

Instead of throwing away furniture, clothing, and other soft material items, special cleaning equipment can be used to return the items to their original state — or better.

“We’re committed to finding creative, sustainable solutions to how we handle claims.”

Karen Flamand, Associate Vice President, National Claims.